Thursday, April 21, 2011

phan mem zing me

an cap ntvv
an cap zingfam

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

phim tuyet dinh cong phu - chau tinh tri

[HD] Tuyet dinh Kungfu - Part 1 


[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part 2 

[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part3


[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part4


[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part 5


[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part 6


[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part7

[HD] Tuyet dinh kungfu - Part 8




chau tinh tri

phim hoang tu banh trung

key kaspersky

The Kaspersky web provide key kaspersky update everyday:


Antivirus Software: Free 30-Day Trials

It is always a good idea to try before you buy. You can download free trial software versions of our antivirus software solutions and decide which product fits your requirements. Our trial versions are valid for 30 days.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software Product Downloads

All current product downloads are located in this section: product upgrades, patches and documentation.

Software Documentation

For your convenience, product documentation is also available in a separate section, listed according to product.

Free Virus Removal Tools

Kaspersky Lab reacts proactively to all new threats. Occasionally there are viruses that require special treatment. In such cases we provide malware removal tools for each specific virus.

Downloads for Version 7 and Earlier

In versions 7 and earlier, riskware signatures are optional and can be downloaded here: Extra Databases. Also, in versions 7 and earlier it is possible to manually update the antivirus databases.

Avira anti-virus

Avira, a company with around 100 million customers and 300 employees is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is one of the pioneers in this field..
As a leading German security specialist, Avira has sound experience in the development and support of its solutions. In addition to programs specifically for use on single workstations, Avira primarily offers professional solutions for cross-system protection of networks on various levels. These include products for workstations, file, mail and web servers. Gateway computers can be managed as workstation computers via a central management console for all operating systems. In addition to the management products of the individual solutions, security programs for PDAs, smartphones and embedded devices are also offered. Our clients include renowned national and international corporations, educational institutions and public clients. Avira AntiVir Personal, used by millions of private users, represents a significant contribution to security.
In Tettnang, near the Lake Constance Avira is one of the biggest regional entrepreneurs. The company has several locations in Germany and partnerships in Europe, Asia and America. Worldwide approximately 300 persons are employed. Dozens of researchers in various virus labs attend to local and global threats on the virus front around the clock. This work is acknowledged, for example, by several test awards with the VB 100% of the Virus Bulletin or by repeated TÜV certification.
As a technological leader in the Unix market, Avira develops leading-edge standards. Other Avira innovations include virus protection solutions for Symbian and the world’s first SAP-certified virus protection.
In addition to intelligent technologies, Avira offers solution-oriented advice and individual support from our own experts under the motto “More than Security”. Protection of users with Avira AntiVir Personal represents a significant contribution to security and a further additional firewall for corporate networks.
Awards and certifications of the Avira products and partnerships with corporations such as IBM, Sun, Novell, AVM or Clearswift underline the efficiency and core competency of the company. Security solutions from Avira are in demand worldwide and immediately available locally via trained, authorized partners.
Distributed all over the world, many integration partners directly implement the Avira AntiVir scan engine "Savapi" in OEM products. Savapi and the underlying scanning technology are characterized by cross-platform and processor-independent programming. This includes use with Windows and Linux as well as on Intel and non-Intel processors. Thanks to the use of resource-saving programming technologies, Avira products have low RAM requirements.
In addition, Avira constantly adapts to the current security requirements of the users. AntiVir is therefore one of the worlds first ever products with dialer detection. This dialer detection was very quickly followed by the detection and removal of adware and spyware. Current developments in this field include the detection of already active root kits. The introduction of a firewall and behavior blockers is a matter of course. In-house development also allows the development of various new special scanning technologies, for example for PDAs, handhelds and embedded devices.
Avira’s national and international customers include renowned corporations listed on the stock exchange but also educational institutions and public authorities. In addition to protection of the virtual environment, Avira also provides for more protection and security in the real world by supporting the Auerbach Foundation. Established by the founder of the company, the Auerbach Foundation promotes charitable and social projects as well as the arts, culture and science.

AVG anti virus

Why AVG?

AVG is one of the world's most recognizable names in online threat protection, with millions of people around the world relying on us to keep them safe.
Threats today go way beyond viruses and adapt quickly to new security measures in a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of us. They're still trying.
Security Software - Protecting 110 million people worldwide

How do we do it?

AVG 2011 combines multiple layers of protection to keep your digital life safe.

Leading Web Protection

AVG LinkScanner® comes with all our security products, keeping you protected from threats that can be hidden on any type of website.
These threats rarely stick around for more than 24 hours. That's why LinkScanner® actively checks web pages in real time before you click that link. LinkScanner® also places safety ratings next your search results, allowing you to assess the safety of a given site before you go there. In AVG 2011, LinkScanner® has been enhanced to offer its best detection rate ever.

Powered by our community

AVG Community Protection Network is new for 2011 and is like an online neighborhood watch, helping everyone in the online community to protect each other. Information about the latest threats is collected from customers who choose to participate in the product improvement program and shared with the community to make sure everyone receives the best possible protection.
AVG Protective Cloud Technology is also new for 2011. We constantly carry out tests 'in the cloud' over the Internet to identify the latest emerging threats. Then we develop solutions and update AVG on your computer in near real time. AVG carries out these tests on our systems so that you aren't interrupted yet benefit from the most complete protection.

Social Networking Protection

AVG's Social Networking Protection is new for 2011 and unique to AVG. As social network usage increases each day, so does the potential for targeted threats. Now links that are exchanged within Facebook and MySpace are automatically checked in real time so that you, your friends, your company, and your employees are safe. And there's no need to configure; AVG Social Networking protection is activated automatically as soon as AVG is installed.

Protect your identity

AVG Identity Protection™ is now part of all our security products.
AVG Identity Protection™ is the outer layer of security, keeping your personal information safe by shielding your passwords, credit card numbers, and other digital valuables from prying eyes. AVG Identity Protection™ uses the latest behavioural technologies to identify software that behaves strangely and stop it before it can do any damage.

All AVG products include protection that is:

  • One step ahead of online criminals
  • Hassle-free and stays out of your way
  • Powered by a global network of highly-experienced researchers
AVG Internet Security 2011

AVG Internet Security 2011
Ultimate protection for everything you do online

  • Shop and bank with confidence with AVG Firewall and AVG Identity Protection™
  • Surf and search safely with AVG LinkScanner's® real-time protection
  • Stay protected on social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection
  • Download, share files and send messages safely with AVG Online Shield™
  • Block spammers and scammers with AVG Anti-Spam
  • Scan smarter and faster with AVG Smart Scanning
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